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Finally! It worked logging in on this forum! Maybe someone should mention it on the registration page that special characters in passwords or not allowed! And provide an easy way to change your password...

Now... the reason why...

Currently I have 5 harddrives in my amahi station. 1 small bootdrive and 4 drives of 2 TB forming a 6 TB RAID 5. Its a software raid made based on this procedure:

This 6 TB volume is almost full. So I want to expand my raid-5. The most easy way to do it is by adding a harddrive and following the last section of that procedure.

Now here's the problem: I'll gain only 2 TB and won't be able to add any more harddisks because I only have 6 drivebays and 6 sataconnections (4 on the mainboard and 2 on a satacard in the only PCIx slot). So within lets say 6 months or so the new 2 TB will also be in use and I'll need a new upgrade not being able to do it.

So I need a different solution. Like turning this 4 x 2 TB RAID-5 into a 3 x 4 TB RAID-5 or if that's not possible in a 4 x 4 TB RAID-5 (only financially, it is more interesting to postpone the adding of this additional hard drive).

The only problem: I have no idea how to do this. As the tutorial doesn't mention anything about replacing harddrives (although I think it's just stopping a harddrive, replacing it and reassemble the array) and expand it to the free diskspace. So that's the first question.. how?

2nd question: I'm looking for new 4 TB harddrives and consider taking the WD red series. As they are build for NAS-devices and running 24/7 I should think they're also suitable for 24/7 amahi servers. But I remember reading something about these drives parking their heads to often. Is this a problem for this WD red series? Or don't I have to worry about this and are these drives suitable for an amahi RAID-5?

Many many many many thanks in advance!

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