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Re: Documentation: Fail

Postby cpg » Fri Jan 04, 2013 5:58 am

Sorry, I replied to him as the account request came in.

The wiki engine is MediaWiki. The user system in MW is a little picky. It likes CameCaseUserNames and has some assumptions which do not bode well with the rest of forums, bug tracker and main site. So, it's a little bit hard to do.

If we re-engineer the wiki, we will try it, as it's useful.

Thanks for the contribution push. For anything major, please create a separate page, then we can easily compare the existing page vs the proposed page.

You can copy/paste the wiki code from the old to the new page to "fork" it and go nuts on it, then we compare easily. The wiki has a mechanism for this while changes take place live, but that does not work that well when radical changes take place in tons of little bits.
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