Amahi Rocks!

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Amahi Rocks!

Postby prodriguezii » Sun May 13, 2018 4:31 pm

I just wanted to post how awesome this project is. I have been using Amahi for over four years. I loved it on Ubuntu 12.04 and now I love it on Fedora 25. Everything I need is here on the platform.

I was attracted to Amahi for the drive pooling as well as the ability to have my own centralized, headless server with a user friendly but powerful control panel in my house. Having things prepackaged and ready to go really enabled me to experiment and learn new ways of accomplishing tasks.

My original configuration ran on ProxMox (bare bones virtualization) to have three Linux installs - Amahi on Ubuntu 12.04 for the storage and a manual install of Plex, Mythbuntu for network DVR and FlexGet + Deluge for automatically file search and download. I had a Windows 2011 server running in a fourth environment but that never amounted to much.

I recently reinstalled the whole rig when a hard drive crashed. Thankfully, Greyhole spread my files out and I was able to recover everything. I got rid of ProxMox and went simpler with Fedora 25 and Amahi 10 as the only server. I didn't like having to buy Greyhole since it used to be included for free but the benefits were too great to go without. Paying for Plex was a little easier to swallow because my family loves it (plus I really didn't want to have to hassle with remembering how I got it working before). Everything installed very easily and quickly. I would like to say it all went flawlessly but every situation has its unique challenges but I was able to overcome.

Generally, there is just enough information out in the forums, wiki, and web to figure just about anything out. This is still the best solution out there, in my opinion. Please keep up the great work!

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Re: Amahi Rocks!

Postby cpg » Mon May 14, 2018 3:29 pm

Thanks for your kind words!

People in our community, like our core team as well as Google Summer of Code interns, are working in a lot of fronts at the moment, with a lot of features and fixes in our mobile apps as well as a new Amahi release. Thanks for supporting Amahi!
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