What is Amahi going to be in the end.

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What is Amahi going to be in the end.

Postby Ahnzh » Mon Mar 31, 2014 11:00 am

For me it took a long way to discover Amahi. I spent days and weeks configuring and testing NAS solutions. My starting point in that was with a QNAP around 5 years ago and since then i tested almost everything available out there. So i know Amahi isn't an enterprise product, and i really appreciate it that all contributors made it happen to create a Platform like this. I really want to support this project since i can see the potential in it. But for me there comes up a huge question. Where is Amahi gonna be in 2 years. I for myself am not entirely satisfied with Amahi the way it is now. I don't have the opportunity to easily configure a software RAID, no hot spares and so on. Just when I compare Amahi to DSM 5 (Synology) or QTS 4.1, Amahi is far behind. They have been developing their system OS for a long time now and rather than saying 'we are aiming at different markets', i would prefer to say, let's take a look at it. It always has been the way to success to take features that have proven to be successful, then combine it with your own ideas and create something awesome. Samba4 can serve as a Domain Controller (AD Domain), RADIUS servers. I would love to see the first AD Domain controller build into a NAS solution. I would love to see an implementation of a working RADIUS right out of the box. What i want is a system that provides people an easy access to Business grade technologies without needing to have the knowledge. Just a Jack of all trades for networks. I mean i want to feel a bit Professional at home. I built a Xeon server because I absolutely wanted Active Directory, ethernet teaming, RADIUS for my WLAN, iSCSI for my Mac and i somehow got it running working every evening for like 2 weeks. Why not make that accessible for everyone? And something like that would even attract Small/Medium Business Companies. And targeting SMB means getting more Contributors for Apps and the system itself. But this thread is not aimed at what i want. It's about everyones expectations and wishes. I want to know where the community sees Amahi's potential.

I see people asking vor PBX / Voice over IP software, Version control/collaboration softwares, Scalix/Zarafa (MS Exchange alternatives) and other 'business grade products' so i don't seem to be too far off with my point of view

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Re: What is Amahi going to be in the end.

Postby bigfoot65 » Mon Mar 31, 2014 1:52 pm

Thanks for the feedback.

Uou must keep in mind that Amahi's primary target is the home server audience. Not many home users go to such extremes as you have indicated with RAID and business grade technologies. It's hard to find such a complete system, especially one that is mostly FREE.

That does not mean we won't work towards that some day, but for now we just don't have the resources available. Amahi is an all volunteer team, comprised of 4 to 6 folks who work full time and have families. We all dedicate as much time as we can, but it's often difficult. We have our hands full now with the current capabilities Amahi provides to users.

While I appreciate your suggestions, I think they would be better served if you will file a feature request for each one in separate bug reports. This would give us visibility and a way to track potential features for the future Amahi releases.

BTW, we did have Primary Domain Controller capability in Amahi at one time, but it has dropped off. There has been very little if any request from the community to add this feature back.

Most users are looking for media streaming and connectivity to their network away from home. That has been and continues to be the demand it seems.
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Re: What is Amahi going to be in the end.

Postby Ahnzh » Mon Mar 31, 2014 6:21 pm

Don't get me wrong, i'm not daring to request so much stuff. But things like RAID is actually pretty common, having bonded network cards give you 220 mbps transfer speeds, without a raid it would be hard to get that out of any HDD and dual/quad lan ports are becoming the standart. even 10gbit networking is becoming affordable. I've got a 12 port 10gbit switch at home for example with my 3 workstations and the hda connecting to it. But what really goes in my way is that the HDA needs to be the DNS/DHCP server.

thanks for the reply though

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