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Fedora transition - voice your opinion!

Posted: Sat May 12, 2012 8:57 pm
by sgtfoo
I wanted to see what the Amahi community feels is better when it comes to the next edition of Amahi. I noticed a touch of talk about using Fedora 17 as the next focussed version for Amahi, and others have expressed that we should stay with 16, and THEN, even chatter about using CentOS, due to its longer release life, and similarity to Fedora/RedHat.

Vote! and let us all know what you think!

(mods: I know this may belong in the roadmap section, but the whole community should pass by it here in the General section)

Re: Fedora transition - voice your opinion!

Posted: Sun May 13, 2012 2:58 pm
by apastor
Great topic and glad it was brought up

My self, I suggest CentOS, debian, or Ubuntu LTS.
I do not suggest the use of fedora at all.

The main reason it because of the longer release life you mentioned.

If I had to pick one, then maybe CentOS. Centos is proven to be secure and reliable and has a huge community for support.
Since Amahi is already built on fedora, my guess moving it to CentOS would be 99% complete. I believe it would be easier for the Amahi team.

Re: Fedora transition - voice your opinion!

Posted: Mon May 14, 2012 4:26 pm
by cpg
Great poll!

I should mention that we have been evaluating all of:
  • centos 6
  • fedora 16
  • fedora 17
  • ubuntu 12.04 lts
The results are as follows:
  • centos 6: we love centos 6. we use it a lot at Amahi for our services. however, there are too many little details changed, many not up to date, that it's far from trivial to run amahi on it. especially as we move forward.
  • fedora 16: this is very close, but as someone pointed out, fedora 17 is really close
  • fedora 17: we spent a couple of days trying to test the beta. LOTS of things changed. from services not called the same, to not having ruby 1.8.7 (they are the first distro we have seen with ruby 1.9, aside from Amazon's AWS). This looked good, but it's looking like a lot of work to update things to manage it
  • ubuntu 12.04 lts: this seems to be the best bet at the moment for our next stable release. we have been working on it for a while, we have a beta 1 working and apps are starting to work. it's LTS, so it looks to be stable for a while, so it's a good stable platform. many people like ubuntu/debian too.
the amahi platform needs updating and that means a long lead time (like a month or two). waiting to port it to F17 seems like a lot of work and we'd like to release much sooner.

the last few months have been a tough experience, as lots of things are moving, which is pushing us to move forward faster and faster., the dyndns system, the forums, etc. have been re-done to manage them better. in particular, we are being swarmed by spammers and people trying to game the forums, etc. this has been a lot of work, but most of it is done and we're on a new powerful server with some nice antispammer traps.

the best approach seems to launch a more or less stable beta-quality release on U12.04 and then immediately focus on porting the platform to rails 3, ruby 1.9 and fedora 17 services.

ordinarily, we like to fight one dragon at a time, not all three at the same time!

hopefully this explains the current thinking and status.

Re: Fedora transition - voice your opinion!

Posted: Wed May 16, 2012 4:30 pm
by cpg
Hi, did I come out too strong?

I did not mean to do that!

On the contrary, I was hoping to kick some discussion and sharing of ideas :)

Re: Fedora transition - voice your opinion!

Posted: Wed May 16, 2012 5:24 pm
by sgtfoo
I would also like to know how everyone else feels about the options!

Re: Fedora transition - voice your opinion!

Posted: Wed May 16, 2012 7:41 pm
by northridgegrp
Ok so I cast my vote, CentOs is my preference. But will that solve the current dilemma?

Many of your longterm Amahi users have been patiently waiting for the new release for the last few weeks. I have for one held back on loading up my newly built server in anticipation of the new F16 release. I have tried the Scientific Linux 6 path, no luck. I have even looked for alternative platforms to Amahi, LAMP stacks with F16. But installing the same applications already packaged for Amahi will require a lot of effort. Maintenance would also be a headache. In the end my preference is still Amahi. I also think a LAMP stack would be overwhelming for less techie home users.

So I am now seriously considering going back to F14 with Amahi on my new server. I can't wait for an F16 or F17 release. I am an avid Fedora fan. I won't go down the Ubuntu path as my background is with the Red Hat base. I am sure there are others that probably feel the same.

However! In over to maintain the longevity of Amahi I think that Ubuntu is a good propect to increase the user base. I won't criticize it, it has been very successful in its own right.

For the longer term Amahi should actually be on software platforms the are not fast moving targets. I think those platforms should be CentOs AND Ubuntu. Recently the new head of the Fedora Project stated that they intend on getting more agressive with technology changes to Fedora, starting with F16. By the time Amahi is running on F16 or F17 we will most likely be closer to a new F18 release. How much further behind will Amahi be then? We also will be seeing more emphasis on cloud technologies in Fedora, who knows how that will effect Amahi down the road??

I think the Amahi team need to get a new Fedora based release out VERY soon. Ubuntu fine but that will not solve our current dilemma. Once a new Fedora release is out I think there needs to be a concerted effort to look at getting Amahi on CentOs. Once Amahi is on longer term supported software platforms this should free up Amahi resources to concentrate on getting some long standing beta apps released. Some of these apps are very attractive to commercial businesses (hint hint) and could get some new money in to the Amahi Project.

Re: Fedora transition - voice your opinion!

Posted: Wed May 16, 2012 9:20 pm
by trucklover
Fedora is one of my top 3 favorite Linux distributions.. as a desktop operating system, but not as a server. I used Amahi when it was running on Fedora 12 and 14, after that I had to switch to another server OS for stability and hardware reasons. I now am using ClearOS which is running on an old Dell laptop that makes a great firewall/router/proxy server, etc for my house. I have a second server which is a PowerMac G5 OS X Leopard server handling all the other things for my network. If my Mac was Intel based instead of PowerPC it would be running CentOS or Debian just because of the reliability of those two distributions. Fedora isn't the best choice in my opinion for a server. My vote is to move Amahi to CentOS for the long term stability of the project. This will allow the developers (hopefully) more time for bug fixes, new features, etc instead of constantly updating everything all the time just to stay up to date with the latest and greatest Fedora release.

Re: Fedora transition - voice your opinion!

Posted: Thu May 17, 2012 2:54 am
by wilkinchang
should be CentOS because the life cycle of each version is longer, so we do not need to reinstall new version too frequently.

Re: Fedora transition - voice your opinion!

Posted: Thu May 17, 2012 6:51 pm
by ghstryder
As long as it works, I don't really care what it runs on. Fedora has been fine with me, but from the outside, it sure looks like a lot of effort is expended just keeping up with it. From cpg's comments, it doesn't look like Centos is a lot better. I use Debian on my desktops, so if I were to express a preference, I would lean toward a Debian derivative.

Re: Fedora transition - voice your opinion!

Posted: Fri May 18, 2012 6:07 am
by ciscoh
Hi, did I come out too strong?

I did not mean to do that!

On the contrary, I was hoping to kick some discussion and sharing of ideas :)
I think on a project like this, it may be best to put most development areas in one direction. Your time is scarce and to divide it between platforms is a bit silly. The app is why we are all here, not the underlying distribution.

If Ubuntu looks to be the best platform moving forward, then so be it. Let other interested parties work on porting to other distros if they feel it is important.

Ok...stepping off my soapbox for now...:)