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Recycle bins, Greyhole eye candy and Email server and review

Posted: Tue Feb 09, 2010 5:12 am
by cpg
First, fresh from our blog, ... this week yours truly would like to discuss the much-requested email server feature ... and as we researched things, we bring you a book review on a book called

Linux E-Mail. Setup, maintain and secure a small office e-mail server

This week, we also rolled an Amahi 5.2 pre-release feature for testers to allow custom parameters for shares. This great feature is contributed by Guillaume Boudreau, author of Greyhole, a fantastic drive-pooling technology for Samba that he developed!

Everyone is excited to see Greyhole in action. Get you Greyhole eye candy fix here :)

This opens a number of possibilities on top of already great interface!

In addition to help development work on Greyhole, it allows things like like enabling Recycle bins for your shares:

or adding share auditing, quotas or antivirus! More about these per-share parameters in ... and if you want to try the bleeding edge on your HDA, got for it here:

Great contributions (and not just in this area) from Guillaume!

More on this soon, as we hear rumors of an app just for configuring drive pooling ...