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Nextcloud Desktop: Access forbidden State token does not match

Posted: Fri Aug 21, 2020 8:54 am
by mattcrossley99
I've only recently set up my Amahi server and am attempting to set up Nextcloud.

It's up and running, updated to the latest it can be (17, can't go up to 20 due to php) and I can access it fine locally on the web app.
I could connect using the desktop client before setting up ssl, however after setting up (self-signed) SSL, I'm still able to access the web-app just fine, and connect through the iOS app, but can't connect using the desktop client.

When attempting to authenticate the connection (opens a chrome tab), the login says

"Access forbidden
State token does not match"

All solutions online point to nginx proxy_pass but this doesn't help me as am using apache, anybody experienced this before?