Enabling SSI for an App?

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Enabling SSI for an App?

Postby ksburgess » Sun Jan 29, 2012 6:35 pm

Hopefully this is the right place to put this question:

I would like to get server side includes going for a webapp that I set up.

I develop a website and like to have a local, mirrored copy running on my own server so I can develop in a local environment before uploading. My husband has come on board to handle a lot of back-end work for my site so I can focus more on writing, but we've ended up with two different Apache servers - one on his computer, one on mine.

I set my site up as a webapp so I can navigate to it via nbbc.home.com and have a nbbc directory in my shares that lets me put my site's files in so we can get there.

But my includes tags are not working. I can't figure out how to enable the includes since my files are not residing in the main directory for Apache, but are instead in the hda directory.

Is there a way to get server side includes going for our webapp so we can use that to develop?

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