Amahi version 6 proposal draft v0.1

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Amahi version 6 proposal draft v0.1

Postby ichat » Sun Nov 29, 2009 10:42 am

Dear forum members,

Based on serveral posts in this forum and in the feature request forum this post will give a preliminarily list of new features and changes for Amahi version 6.

This list is based on technical plausibilities, as well as 'requests' done by users.

please take notice of the fact that this is a proposal and NOT the actual roadmap...

[new features]
  • Amahi 6 will be based on FC12 and Rhell 6 giving us the opportunity to spend more time for features and less on porting to a new version
  • Amahi Core will be changed to a modular setup, creating support for integrated add-ons, like: mail servers, media servers, small busyness servers and other server roles.
  • Amahi 6 will be integrating the ongoing efforts of the Amahi-team to make your home server safer, faster and more user friendly.
  • Lib Pam Auth will give us new opportunities to manage users, user-permissions and options that you would usually find in commercial servers only.
  • New ways of support will be added to backup and restore your server as well as your workstations. Clonezilla as well as Bacula will most likely be integrated as an Amahi core-component.
  • If all goes according to plan Amahi 6 will also be the first version that may be getting a commercial version making it more suitable for System Builders and OEM's.
[Side projects]
Since Amahi 6 will be a lot of work, we are also planning a list of 'side projects' (being features that are not directly integrated into the Amahi release itself, but will still enhance it in any kind of way)..
  • The first 'side project' we are looking volunteers for is: Amahi-buntu - Since being asked for we are looking for Ubuntu devs who can help us making a Ubuntu port of the Amahi-core.
  • Another feature we would like to see is a: minimal_boot.iso that would be a revised install media for Fedora Linux.
    It should incorporate:
    • a very minimal Linux install,
    • Raid support,
    • The entire list of Amahi dependencies,
    • An SSH-deamon to enable a headless install over ssh.
    • And probably some other features as well
Amahi Roadmap and Project managment:
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Re: Amahi version 6 proposal draft v0.1

Postby mandros » Sat Feb 05, 2011 2:33 am

Just keep it updated please.

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