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New test repo for Fedora 10

Posted: Wed May 20, 2009 4:19 am
by cpg
Hi All,

After getting some tough love from our testmaster rampage, Fedora 10 looked pretty good on first test.

Now we have a full repo to itself

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If you are interested in testing it, say, because you are already bravely running Fedora 10, or perhaps because you are interested in upgrading, we'll be delighted to hear about it!

If you are already on F10, you can simply move your repo automatically to Amahi-F10 with:

rpm -Uvh ... noarch.rpm

That this also should work for Fedora 9 users, *but* it will keep you on Fedora 9 (i.e. it works independent of the repo). And this will be interesting to hear, if you are of the adventurous kind (ok, ok, the risk that it may not work is low ;) ).